DotComSecrets of Russell Brunson, a Scam?

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Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Ever doubt that Russell Brunson is just one of the scammers? How he became a millionaire is truly amazing and somewhat unbelievable. Does the products he offers really effective and make you a millionaire also? Or it only works with him and does he play dirty tactics on it?

There are a number of opportunities offered in the internet to help people set up their own home based internet business and promises them to become successful. So it’s hard to choose the real and legitimate opportunities from the ones that only want to rip off your money.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson started his online business when he was a young college student. He needed to earn some extra money, that time, to pay for his college tuition so he ventured in an online business. Russell Brunson has proven that his products are far from being a scam. He has gone on to turn his company into a multi-million dollar a year international marketing company. He has clients in dozens of countries all around that range from the stay at home entrepreneur all the way up to huge multi-million dollar corporations. He has been featured in magazines, on T.V. and speaking in front of some of the largest audiences in the world.

Usually, a scam asks you for a large upfront investment. It promises you of a large income after using their techniques and solutions and proves effective. So better check the profile of people giving their testimonies and promoting the product. A lot of them are actually paid actors.

* With Russell Brunson’s products you can actually start up with small amount and testimonials of people are those who actually used the product and amazingly experiencing the results. They actually have detailed how did Russell’s products worked with them. Also, Russell Brunson gives a money back guarantee on his products. He is confident that his DotCom Secrets are proven effective.

Another is that, some websites do not clearly state what they are selling. They may presented some video or any portfolios related to the subject but not actually telling you how to do it.

* With Russell Brunson’s products, he explains very well all the step-by-step procedures in his DVD’s and guiding you all the way through it. He tells you all his DotComSecrets that made him earn millions.

With most fraudulent offers in internet business we need to thoroughly investigate before signing up to work for the website. Lack of contact information could signify a fraudulent act. Another, a request for personal information such as user name, password or other security details in full, when you are normally only asked for some of them.

* When you sign up for Russell Brunson’s products, only necessary information asked or needed to use for shipping and billing procedures for you to avail the product. Most importantly, all the contact information about the Dot Com Secrets are provided for your inquiries and of Russell Brunson’s information and profile.

Russell Brunson and his DotCom Secrets truly works. Many people have tried and now applying his techniques and still couldn’t believe the achieved results. With the success he enjoys now, he also wanted you to take the chance of achieving it also by sharing his techniques through the products he offers.

Russell Brunson’s Secrets why he became a millionaire:

The following products are offered by DotCom Secrets. The secrets and techniques revealed here by RussellBrunson are the things he applied and being used why he became a millionaire as an internet marketer.

Internet Marketing Products

FREE DotComSecrets DVD – The Real Secrets That Most People Will Never Know About Making Money On The Internet… All On This FREE DVD

FREE Wealth Building Portfolio – Russell is looking For 27 Ordinary People he Can Personally Train To Earn $2,739.73 In The Next 27 Days!

12 Month Internet Millionaire – The Amazing Money-Making Secret Of A 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx… eBay…… Time Warner… Apple Computer… McDonalds… Microsoft… Nike… Yahoo… Ford Motor Company… General Motors… and Goodyear COMBINED

Affiliate Marketing Products

Affiliate Evolution – Here’s Your Rare Chance To Legally Steal The ONE Secret That Has Allowed Russell To Earn Over 254% Affiliate Commissions On Literally EVERY Product he Promotes

Software Products

The DotComSecrets Desktop Mentor – a software program that delivers 27 daily video lessons and homework assignments showing you step-by-step how to build an internet business so you can quit your job and start living the good life. You’ll discover how to package any hobby, passion, or interest, and create a mini-website, and drive traffic to your site so you can start earning extra income.

Zip Brander – The New Viral Marketing Software That Will Send Laser Targeted Traffic To Any Website You Want

Training Websites

The Second Tier – Russell Will Personally Train You To Become One Of His Overpaid Super Affiliates 100% FREE

Conquer Your Niche – The Amazing New Internet Marketing Forum That Transforms Newbie’s Into Super-Hero Marketing Machines

Link Brander – Instantly Make Long URL’s Short And Brand Your Business With Every Link That You Create

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