Russell Brunson is a Scam

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People like Russel Brunson should really be exposed so that the number of scammers like him will decrease. This was a comment to Russell Brunson in one of the review sites. Before we talk about Russell Brunson and expose this guy, let’s first talk why there were victims of scams. A lot of people are actually in quest for a better source of income. You can’t deny the fact you want to hit it big time and rake in tons of money. Actually, we all desire to get rich quickly.

But before getting rich, you must first understand that engaging in any type of business, it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. Internet businesses are no different than any traditional business except that this type of business requires less start-up capital. That is why a lot of people turn to this type of business.

Most people new to internet marketing are often a victim of scams. With little knowledge to internet marketing, they believe easily especially to some overly hyped ads on the internet. But there are people who often times want to become rich just overnight. So tendency, if they have failed, they will tell that the product they used or the strategy they applied is a trash and that eventually the one proposed for it is a scam.

So let us now expose Russell Brunson and why he is not a scam. Russell Brunson started his company, the, while he was wrestling at the Boise State University. Here’s how Russell Brunson started it all.

About Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

“I spent about 18 months trying (and failing) with every program, product and course I bought. At about that time I figured out a very easy system for creating and selling products online. I paid a programmer $20 to create my first software product, and within 30 days have made over $1,000 selling it. Month #2 I made over $2,000 and by month 3 I had made over $5,000.

I was hooked and started to study marketing and business every moment that I was awake. My senior year in college I earned about $250,000 and within a year of graduation had crossed the million dollar mark.”

More about Russell Brunson (and his family).

Russell has helped a lot of people in their business and these people couldn’t believe when they see the results after they have applied his strategies. He has taught people not only to those who have ideas already in internet marketing but also to those who are just starting their businesses online. DotComSecrets actually teaches people to start, build and promote their businesses online. If you don’t have any idea how to market your business, Russell will even personally mentor you on how to go about your ideas and products.

Here are some of Russell Brunson’s Internet Marketing Seminar Testimonials

More testimonials of Russell Brunson’s Internet Marketing Seminars here:

Russell Brunson’s strategies really work. Have you heard of his first product on turning a hobby into a business. His first product is a DVD explaining how to make a potato gun which made him earn $3000 to $4000 a month. Here’s an interview of Russell Brunson featured in Minneapolis TV morning show. Here he explains how he started his product and what other hobbies you can turn into an online business.

Russell Brunson featured in different TV shows. See videos here.

Many people now have been successful in their businesses because of Russell Brunson. Many are following his strategies. His company is actually growing and he’s planning to expand it across the country. If you want to follow the updates of Russell, his marketing tips and recommendations for free, find him on twitter. His number of followers now reached 2000+. To find out his latest marketing strategy, subscribe to his videos on youtube.

With all the information here, Russell Brunson’s internet marketing strategies have been exposed. So go and try using his strategies and you too can reach the success you’ve been dreaming of.


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