Russell Brunson Scam

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This is another issue thrown against Russell Brunson, the 12 Month Internet Millionaire product. Some people claimed that Russell will just scam people who will buy this product. There are doubts if he will really spill his secret on making million dollars on the internet or were there really some good information or tips they can get in this product.

12Month Internet Millionaire may sound as an overly hyped internet marketing product and that hinders other people from buying the product. Plus the fact that Russell teaming up with Vince James, the guy who admitted a crime of fraud in the past. This product is a brainchild of Vince James’ 12 Month Millionaire.

Vince James 12 Month Millionaire is a book where he explains in details how he made money in the internet without a website and other strategies he did how to become a millionaire in 12 months. Vince James brags about his earnings that he even made it a hype in promoting his book.

The ad says “The Amazing Money-Making Secrets of a 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx … eBay … … Time Warner … Apple Computer … McDonalds … Microsoft … Nike … Yahoo … Ford Motor Company … General Motors … and Goodyear COMBINED!”

So who will not get interested in James’ book? He makes a lot of money and everyone seems got curious about the book. But the only thing that holds them back from buying is the past record of James. It’s really hard to please people and how much more if you have bad records. But that won’t answer your curiosity of how he became rich until you buy his book, and so Russell Brunson did.

Russell Brunson just integrated the ideas and strategies of Vince James into his internet business. This 12 Month Internet Millionaire is the interview of Russell Brunson with Vince James about his secrets on how he became millionaire. It also contains some tips from Vince James how not to make mistakes in running your business. James admitted publicly his mistakes in the past and how much money he lose out of that mistake.

Russell kept that interview and that secret for how many years. After years of implementing it and seeing the results, Russell is confident and ready now to spill that secrets he learned from Vince James. Russell have been excellent with his strategies. He always implement a trial and error method before he imposes his strategies to other people.

Vince James may have been wrong in the past and committed a mistake which he actually admitted it but his strategies are really working. When Russell Brunson integrated that with his online business, he too became successful and no doubt about it. Russell has gone a long way already surpassing other internet marketers at the a very young age.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire is composed of a video that reveals the amazing money making secret of a convicted felon who earned 100 million dollars in 23 months without spending a scent on online advertising. Included in the video is the secret of Vince James,

  • How he made $80,000 a month- 100% online WITHOUT a website… WITHOUT advertising… and without eBay!

  • The exact marketing tactics that allowed me to add an extra 2.2 million dollars to my bank account with almost no extra work!

  • How to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE with just 4 sheets or paper! (he did it … and so can you!)

  • How to make millions giving away a FREE website!

  • The ONLY type of Information Products that can make you a millionaire (If your info product is NOT on his list… you’re never going to make the BIG BUCKS!)

  • The secret to selling a product once and get paid over and over again every month.


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